s7: ⊙ self guided, process monitoring (no lead)
s9: ⊙ self guided, process monitoring, (no lead)
s8: ⊡ self guided, futz tinkering, process monitoring, s6 lead
s6: ⊡ lead counter, needs-implimentation, futz tinkering, s5 lead (ig)|↘

s5: ⊙ counter, pre-needs-implimentation, s4 lead, futz tinkering (ig)|↗
s4: ⊡ needs assessor, pre-counter, s3 lead (ig)
s3: ⊙ placer, pre-needs-assessment, s2 lead (ig)
s2: ⊡ sorter, preplacer, s1 lead (ig)
s1: ⊙ gatherer, s0 lead (ig)
s0: ⊡ learn to gather
s9 + s7 ≧ 3 ?

⊙ = gardener, treeplanter
⊡ = cleaner
Feb. 2015
could learning 'how' to be bored/idle, be taught?

Jan. 2014
am ... beginning to understand the logic of a confirmation paradigm where impartial minds are able to succeed be.

jislonica (fall, 2013)

jislonica is a busisness-model where the everyone works at the same pay-rate. one earns their 'position' in company; one earns their job description, not their paycheck.

perhaps jislonica is about civilization being focussed on the whole. on a day to day, minute to minute, second to second- basis, there's nothing more. people remember how to be bored, people do what they do, offer what they offer- and others fill in afterwards as they see fit.

a homeless person sleeping under a bridge may not be worse off. there's something there (well, absent actually) that is absent (not absent) in one's heated/cooled electronic home.

(fall, 2012) ...jislonica began... room 2 to d. byess and one other?